General Information


             Now, before you all go, “AWWW they’re adorable!!!”, and immediately want one, I strongly recommend that you do your research first. That’s always the best thing to do before making a big decision. Now, know that I’m only providing basic knowledge and that you should still (Yes, still) do some research on your own. Knowing some Sugar Glider background could do some good to your future exotic pet quest! Too far? Eh, I’m a little squirrelly, so you might as well get used to it now…

Sugar Gliders are small, omnivorous mammals that are originally from Australia, but can also be found in Papua-New Guinea and Indonesia. They’re named after both, their sweet tooth and for the membrane that allows them to glide. In the wild, Gliders travel in IMG_3898groups or colonies consisting of 15-30 sugar gliders total. They’re actually very social animals.  They all bond together when in a colony. One unique aspect in a Glider’s life, is that both male and female sugar gliders care for their young. The parents take turns watching the baby. One will stay with it while the other goes out to find food. Now, one thing many people don’t know, is that sugar gliders are from the marsupial family!  Yup, they have pouches (well, the females do) for their babies!! I, personally, have not bred my sugar gliders, so I haven’t seen any pouched babies first hand yet. Maybe one day!


That is definitely something to keep in mind. I sleep with some lights strung around my room turned on so that my Suggies stay quiet, but if you can’t sleep with lights on, then hopefully you’re a heavy sleeper. Gliders are VERY active during the night or when all the lights are turned off in their room. I’ll talk more about that in the Behavior section.

I think that about sums up general sugar glider info! I’m going to put a few websites down for you guys that are pretty helpful and accurate if you decide to do further investigating 😛 These pages provide facts, but my blog provides from experience. So, I would of course recommend looking at these, but I would say to give my own pages a chance because some things that you read will work, while others don’t.

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